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MB Modal Exciters

Modal exciters are used for local excitation of different structures. Unlike traditional shaker systems modal exciters have no mounting table for attachment of the specimens. The weight of the moving element and the axial stiffness of the suspension of the moving element is reduced to a minimum to minimize the interaction between the structure and the modal exciter. The thru-hole armature allows the use of pre-stressed piano wires or typical modal stingers for connection of the modal exciter to the structure.

The availabe accessory kits include turnbuckels for suspended mounting, stingers, piano wires, bolt on masses and tools for easy adjustment of the test setup. Explore our inventory to find the modal exciter tha´s right for You...


Overview & Performance MB Modal Exciter

  Modal Exciter MB 50 Modal Exciter MB 110 Modal Exciter MB 250 Modal Exciter MB 500
  Modal 50 Modal 110 Modal 250 Modal 500
Max. Excitation Force Requires Cooling, uncooled operation up to 50% of max. excitation force
SINE 220N pk 500N pk 1000N pk 2000N pk
Stroke p-p 25mm 38mm 50mm 50mm
Frequency Range DC to 5000Hz DC to 5000Hz DC to 3000Hz DC to 3000Hz
Weight Armature 0,15kg 0,6kg 1,4kg 3kg
Connection to Structure Wire or Stinger Wire or Stinger Stinger Stinger
Stinger Attachment Chuck & Collet Chuck & Collet Threaded Threaded
Stinger Thru-hole Yes Yes Yes Yes
Excitation Directions vertical & horizontal vertical & horizontal vertical (& horizontal) vertical
Weight 25kg 22kg 115kg 205kg
Dimensions (mm) 290x190x235 300x275x305 435x460x355 435x460x430
Recommended Amplifier MB500VI MB500VI MB1000VI PVL-Serie


Please note the available accessories for our Modal Exciter systems..


Optional Accessories:

› Power Amplfiers
› Accessories Kit
› Sensors
› Remote Amplifier Control
› Vibration Controller


Data Sheets:

› Overview Modal Shaker
› Modal 50 (max 220N pk)
› Modal 110 (max 500N pk)
› Modal 250 (max 1000N pk)
› Modal 500 (max 2000N pk)
› Modal 1000 (max 4000N pk)



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