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Squeak & Rattle Test Systems for Components

MB provides custom turnkey test systems for combined Squeak & Rattle and durability testing of different components and subsystems in 1 to 6 DOF. All MB test systems are designed for quiet operation and are recommended in different S&R test specifications.

Beyond planning, commissioning and alignment of the test systems MB supports You in designing and manufacturing of fixtures and mounting brackets, training of Your employees and system operation.

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Squeak & Rattle Test Systems for combined S&R and Durability Tests in 1 to 6 DOFs

Squeak & Rattle shaker system for small and mid-size components Squeak & Rattle test system for sequential excitation in x-,y- and z-axis Vertical Pitch & Roll shaker system Veritical Pitch & Roll + 4D sequential shaker system
Vertical (& Horizontal) 3-Axis sequential Vertical Pitch & Roll 4/5 DOF Test System
S&R Shaker Systems for small and mid-size components. Optional Horizontal Moving Table. Sequential excitation of modules and subsystems in vertical, fore-aft and lateral with 1 or 2 shakers. Simultaneous vertical, lateral, roll, fore-aft and pitch response in combination with MB MIMO-Controller Multi-Axis Test System for simultaneous or sequential excitation in 4/5 DOF. Best-In-Class Quiet!


Steering Test Simulator, Driver Simulator & I-Shaft Test System, SCTR Test Rig

Steering Module Test Simulator Driver Simulator I-shaft test system Suspension Component Test Rig
Steering Test Simulator Driver Simulator I-Shaft Test System SCTR Test Rig
Quiet Test Systems to test and evaluate steering systems for road-excited column and rack rattles Quiet lab-based simulation of driver inputs. Generates precise & repeatable eteering maneuvers Analysis of I-Shaft Stick-Slip, Controlled pre-load torque & simulation of road excitation and environmental wear Highly dynamic and quiet actuator for Sound & Vibration analysis on chassis components


Please note the wide range of accessories and services for our component Squeak & Rattle test systems.


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Data Sheets:

MB S&R Test Systems
3-Axis Sequential
Vertical Pitch&Roll +4D
4/5 DOF Test System
MB BSR SUITE Test System
Squeak & Rattle Metrics



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